Hello My Name is Austin Acker .Fishing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember .I was raised on the water with a rod in my hand . Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to get out of a boat and paddle in a kayak more frequently .In doing this I have been able to reach more remote destinations that would otherwise have been inaccesable to me . Navigating into these remote locations is so peaceful it brings me closer to nature and the outdoors . I also have a love for land based shark fishing . the adrenaline rush that comes from wrestling a massive shark is unreal . I am more than willing to share these things with others who are interested  if you would like to book a trip please contact me at

Austin Acker (919)475-4933


Hello  My name is Gary Ribet .Known to many as "Froggy"  I am the owner and founder of Froggy Waters Outdoors . I have a love for Fishing  and Kayaking that is so strong I decided I wanted to share my passion with others . I grew up in north Carolina fishing. It did not take me long to find I needed a way on the water .In a short time I found that kayaking affords me the most freedom to travel between lakes streams and backwoods remote locations .at the most economic level imaginable .  I started this company to introduce people into the sport .  If this is something that interests you please feel free to contact me directly.

Gary Ribet  (919)201-7882 


  Hello my name is Brandon Jessup . I grew up fishing stream rivers and ponds in the foothills of  North Carolina . Whether it is bass, Pan fish or salt water fishing with conventional tackle or a fly rod I am up for the challenge .This passion for the sport of fishing and kayaking  has led me to want to share this experience with others  for the past several years I have been fishing from a kayak and it has allowed me to reach waters I would not have ben able to fish otherwise  the thrill of catching big fish from a kayak is second to no one  so if you are interested in finding out this experience please feel free to contact me at.

Brandon Jessup (336) 415-2283